Lighting as a service

How it affects the role of a Chief Engineer 

As a Chief Engineer you're responsible for the supervision of the buildings operation, maintenance, and repair, and often times you'll find yourself stretched in a million different directions, unable to keep a close eye on just one area.

With lighting as a service, you can count on someone else to maintain all of your lighting maintenance needs without you having to call them every time a light bulb burns out. Giving you time to focus on the bigger picture of your position such as saving your building money and energy and impressing upper management with the operational efficiency.

Instead of shelling out the capital investment for a lighting upgrade at the beginning of your project, your lighting service provider will come out and install and warranty your new long-life, high-efficiency lighting system on their dime. 

It’s effectively a way to get the advantage of the lighting upgrade you’ve been considering and making it cash-flow positive from day one. If you're interested in learning more about how you can take advantage of this, please fill out the form and a lighting specialist will contact you.